Speak About Yourself!

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Lisez le texte ci-dessous où Emma parle de elle-même. Ensuite, regardez les mots de la question ci-dessous et leurs traductions. Lorsque vous êtes prêt, essayez les quiz ci-dessous.

Parlez de vous!

Lisez le court texte et voyez à quel point vous pouvez comprendre ! N’oubliez pas d’utiliser un dictionnaire si vous rencontrez des problèmes.

Hi! My name’s Emma Schneider, I’m from Hamburg, a city in the north of Germany. I’m a student at the University of Hamburg. I’m studying modern languages – English and Mandarin. I also know a bit of French, so I can speak four languages.I’m enjoying the course a lot, but it’s really difficult. The course started two years ago.I live at home with my mother and my brothers. My younger brother is going to study in the UK next year, my elder brother started to work in the US last year.After I graduate, I’m going to work as a translator.


Mots interrogatifs

What?Quoi ?

Who?Qui ?

Where?Ou ?

When?Quand ?

Why?Pour quoi ?

How much? / How many?Combien ?

How?Comment ?

Whose?A qui ?

Which?Laquel ?